Thursday, 15 October 2015

Q Welcomes Shad with Open Arms

This year on 4.20 while everyone was smoking weed, Shad, the London raised rapper was preparing for his debut hosting CBC's Q. This wasn’t only a big step for Shad it was big for hip-hop as well. It is a new outlet for him, he isn’t plugging his music but it will get old white parents in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan saying his name. I was never really one to watch Q because I thought Jian Ghomeshi was only appealing to the older demographic. Once I heard Shad was the host I started tuning in. Q appeals to many different generations from, the music, to the guests, as well as the segments.

Shad is extremely involved in pop culture based on his music and fashion sense. In his lyrics he talks a lot about conscious problems that are going on today. Back in 2010 he did a segment with CBC called Hats Off! It was a short three minute video where he talked about the different styles of hats. When you watch that video and look at what he was talking about, you realize he was on trends before they were really big. Shad is a perfect fit for Q, CBC did the right choice when picking him.

More about Shad                                                                                                 Shads first episode of Q

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