Wednesday, 29 August 2012


The Canadian producer and DJ Troy Beetles, better known as Datsik, is set to Embark on the FirePower tour.  Let me tell you why you should care.

With the recent and ever-growing success of dubstep in the world of EDM and beyond, it’s easy to find yourself lost amidst a sea of DJs, producers and remixes.  Sorting the good from the bad is as simple as listening to everything and picking out the best, I'm just trying to save you some time.  If you can’t take my word for it, there is no doubt Datsik’s resume and references will convince you; our home grown Kelowna boy is at the top of the bass game.

Datsik aka Troy Beetles
Kelowna, BC
Age: 24

Work History: 2009 - Present

After collaborating with fellow Canadian Excision on several noteable tracks, 
Dastik stormed Beatports’ hot list with several #1 releases including remixes 
of The Crystal Method, Wu-Tang, Noisia and Diplo

Datsik’s undeniably addictive blend of future-tech and hip-hop lead to shows
all over North America, playing with the likes of Steve Aoki, Rusko, 
Bassnectar, Skream, DJ Craze and Nero, at festivals like Coachella, Electric 
Daisy Carnival and the World Electronic Music Festival.

In 2012, Datsik released Vitamin D, on Dim Mak Records, founded by the 
eminent Steve Aoki  himself in LA. This record featured 12 tracks of 
absolutely punishing bass with guest artists like Downlink, Z-Trip, Infected 
Mushroom, Jonathan Davis, Messinian, and Snak the Ripper.


The days spent sifting through records at a store looking for a gem are all but gone, replaced by a Blogs, Beatport, hypeM, and Juno all pushing a million artists from a trillion genres.  Save yourself some precious time and get some Datsik on your headphones.  Once you are hooked, go have your ribs rattled and retina ripped by 50,000 watts of PK sound married to the Visual Vortex live on the Firepower Tour with Getter and Bare Noize.

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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Prepare to be Shpongled!

Simon Posford and Raja Ram are the musical minds behind Shpongle.  The project has been captivating listeners since 1996 with an undeniably unique blend of eastern ethnic samples masterfully fused with western synth based psychedelic music.  Their unique sound is perhaps best described in Shpongle’s own words:

“A strange hybrid of electronic manipulation and shamanic midgets with frozen digits squeezing the envelope and crawling through the doors of perception”

1998 marked the release of their first album “Are you Shpongled” which justly landed the duo at the forefront of the psychedelic trance movement.  Posford’s  wizard like studio production provides synthesizers, and live instrumentation while Raja provides musical concepts, art, and the notable flute arrangements found in their work. Both Simon and Raja coordinate their talents when composing their sounds, stating, they often visualize the music together in its entirety before they even begin to compose a track. Rich with psychedelic hallucinatory references, conscious vocal samples and captivating sonic textures, it would be hard to imagine a live performance that could translate the complex layers of Shpongle’s music into a live performance… think again.

Shpongle has taken its live show from Tokyo to LA and everywhere in between, captivating audiences with sold out shows and an incomprehensibly elaborate musical and visual experience.  The Shpongletron Experience Tour, as seen above, was a truly unique musical, and visual experience.  Posford performs in a DJ booth surrounded by multiple custom-made, video-mapped projection surfaces, dancers and lights, while the audience,  adorned in psychedelic T-Shirts and Light Necklaces, are enchanted by the rhythm of Moroccan drums and diverse sound production.  It suffices to say, seeing Shpongle live is much more than a concert, it is truly an experience, which is why the announcement of a fall tour, entitle Shpongle Presents The Masquerade has fans so excited to get Shpongled!  Click HERE to see the tour dates. Click HERE to see their merch!