Thursday, 15 October 2015

Get Caked

Steve Aoki is one artist that goes through more cakes than a baker. He is notorious for throwing cakes at people in his audience. I was curious as to how he got all these cakes, does he have a connect at a bakery? Or a sweet shop perhaps? In order to find out I looked into his rider and there it was, his request for cakes. The most surprising thing is that he makes sure the icing and cake are soft, he doesn’t want dense or bundt cake. Steve also asks that they are medium sized, I guess he doesn’t want too large of a cake so he ends up knocking people out. It even says that they must read DIM MAK.

He takes caking people very seriously so there must be some deep rooted meaning like every show is like a birthday party, right? Thump sat down and asked him the meaning behind it. It all steams from a music video that an artist on his label put out. Turn Up The Volume by Autoerotique features a few different people receiving cakes and having them blown up in their face. Steve thought it was very cinematic and decided to bring it to his shows, but instead of having the cakes blow up he would just throw them. For the first 6 months of doing this he made sure the cakes said Autoerotique Turn Up The Volume, he later made the change to DIM MAK. So when you are out at one of his shows just remember, Steve cares about how hard the cakes are. 

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