Friday, 1 February 2013


With a work ethic as relentless as his music, Excision, has been influencing and defining Dubstep for as long as it has existed in North America, often touted as one of the founding fathers of the genre as we know it. He has tirelessly brought us sold out tours, countless releases, the Rottun Records label, an extensive merch line, and the highly anticipated Shambhala yearly mix. Only ever outdone by himself, one has to wonder… What next?

The Executioner

Canadian bass boss, Excision, is once again locked and loaded, ready to rattle your ribs on his 2013 Executioner tour.  Hitting the road with PaperDiamond and Vaski, the Executioner tour is set to shake the foundation of 53 venues, and bass music as we know it.

Try to imagine 40 arena class intelligent lights, 100,000 watts of PK sound, fused perfectly to the most progressive video mapping technology available, projected by the worlds most advanced 3D projector, aimed at a massive 420 square foot mechanical bunker, housing Excision himself. Got it? Maybe this will help…

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