Thursday, 18 October 2012

Shiny Toy Guns

In 2002, Carah Faye Charnow (vocals), Chad Petree (vocals, guitar), Jeremy Dawson (synth, bass) and Mikey Martin (drums) became Shiny Toy Guns.

With a unique indie-rock meets synth-pop sound, and a mad max approach to touring (touted as the first band to tour Alaska by ground), Shiny Toy Guns had already been touring for 2 years before their re-worked  studio release of  “We Are Pilots” in 2006. The Album earned the quartet a Grammy nomination, and a number of hit singles, including “Le disko”, “Rainy Monday” and “You are the One”, all of which remain a staple in the soundtrack of my life.

The group kept busy in 2008 and 2009 releasing “Season of Poison”; which featured hit singles “Ricochet and “Ghost Town” as well as a compilation album “Girls Le Disko”  featuring collaborations with some of EDMs most notable artists like HervĂ©, Ferry Corsten,  and Kissy Sell Out. 

The group went on to find their music in an unbelievable number of placements in film, television and videogames.  Over the recent years, I have been able to find Shiny Toy Guns signature sound everywhere, including games like Guitar Hero and Grand Theft Auto,  A Smurfs feature film, and countless network television shows like Gossip Girl,  Ugly Betty and Dancing with the Stars.  Most noteably was a Lincoln MKZ as, which featured their rendition of the ’80s classic “Major Tom (Coming Home), which won awards in the ad community, and garnered over 600,000 digital sales of the song.

Today, I find myself, looking down the barrel of a Shiny Toy Guns third studio album, simply titled “III”.  This album marks the return of the original members, and has Shiny Toy Guns fans, like myself, feverishly monitoring the countdown they have posted on their official website.  If the singles “Fading and Listening” and “Waiting Alone” are any indication of what to expect, I will undoubtedly be prepared to make room in my life soundtrack for more Shiny Toy Guns.

You can pre-order their new album and merch HERE

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